About us: Lorenzo López, CEO

Since we are all in a situation where we doubt our plans for next summer, we decided to share with you an interview with our CEO about his expectations and planning strategies, as well as how our Hostal Girona prepares for change. Lorenzo Lopez started his career in the hotel business in the end of 90s.

-How did you begin your  work in the hostel?

We used to live at the same building. My father was a great entrepreneur. That time Barcelona was turning into one of the main tourist destinations. And my father saw the opportunity of turning an old hostal into what it became now. My father entered the business in 1997. Originally, it was only one first floor but quickly it was expanded into two other plants. At that time my father fell ill and he asked me for help. I took over the business. My father passed away in April 2001.

Did you have a background for the hotel business? How fast did you have to adapt?

My background had nothing to do with business that time. I previously studied Labor Relations and worked in an agency. Then I got my Master MBA in Business Administration and Management and a Master in revenue and commercial marketing apart from different courses.

How did the pandemic affect your business?

The pandemic has fully affected our business. It was very hard at the beginning. In this changeable time we are trying to lose as little as possible, trying to keep our business floating and looking for the ways to adapt.

What is like being in charge of the hostel now?

Recently my roles have changed a lot. At the moment we have the entire team at ERTE* (ETRE eng.), I had to come back to reception, apart from managing business.

What steps have you taken to continue business to function?

We had to make some changes to our business strategy. One of them became “a long-stay client”. This option is for the people who are working or studying in Barcelona and prefer to stay in the centre of the city without having troubles of lease contracts.

What are your expectations for this year?

We will surely continue with our new strategy through the year and we prepare for the summer. We hope the situation will improve and expecting some mobility in our field. I have a very good team to help me with it.

What was the idea, what kind of hostel did you want?

My idea was to have a place with a character, history, style and comfort. I would like that people who stayed with us could have that feeling as if they were citizens of Barcelona, that they could feel at home. Our guests are such types of travelers who are interested in the history of the city, art and local culture. I want them to have a chance to live and breathe Barcelona.

What message would you send to your future clients?

Here in Hostal Girona we perfectly understand and share your wishes to be able to travel again soon. We sre looking forward to seeing you here with our full potential and we are confident that we are ready to satisfy your demand.

*Expediente Temporal de Regulación de Empleo

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